Testarossa Technical
General Technical Articles
Collected below are numerous technical articles and tips on DIY repairs for your car. Click on each section to view details. Use the back button on your browser to return to this page.
Testarossa injector removal
K-Jet ECU mount plate on Testarossa
512 TR - Pros/cons removing 02 sensors with Test pipes/exhaust  
Running Issues with Testarossa - Mixture lean. Tests and Repair.
Testarossa / F40 fuse panel repair
Testarossa / 512TR engine cover insulation
Testarossa intermittent stalling issues and fix
Testarossa lower sill cancer and
how to defeat it.
512TR wheels for your Testarossa
TR engine deck lid alignment & latch adjustment
TR dashboard shrinkage and replacement
Testarossa rear wheel bearing replacement
Testarossa Water Pump Seal
Testarossa Front Spoiler Removal and Repair
Fuse Panel Connector Failures